Construction Management

Surveying crew install grade stakes a Bulldozer grading site and cutting a road subgrade a clear blue sky

Construction Management Design-Build

‘ Most of you are familiar with design-build, but for those of you who are not…

design-build is a contractual arrangement between an owner and a single entity to both design and then build the entire project.’
Bob Seabrook on ‘Design-Build’

crane lifting distribution transformer for solar farm

Building Industry

Public Private

Start your Project. Over the last four and half decades, Bob Seabrook constructed over 4 million SQFT of new building space in the province of Ontario for private and fortune 500 companies using several project delivery methods, including design and build, fixed-cost negotiated fee contracts, time and material, and upset price methods.
In addition to new construction and civil work, Bob Seabrook renovated a further 2 million SQFT of building space, including warehousing, plant, office, and private residential construction work.


Utility-Scale Solar Power

CM for CSI- 84 MW of Utility-Scale Solar Power Grid-connected centralized PV.
Providing centralized power generation for the supply of bulk power into the distribution grid.

CM for 250 MW Transmission Battery project


Building Projects

Ameresco Transmission Battery
Kawartha Dairy Plant/Civil/Roofs
Maple Leaf Plant/Civil/Roofs
JM Schneider Plant/Office/Additions
Canadian Pacific Shopping Centers
Co-Operators Multi-Storey Office
Big V Pharma Builds/Renos
Sun Life Multi-Storey Office
Pharma Plus Builds/Offices
General Electric Civil/Plant
Uniroyal Civil/Plant/Office
Canadian Solar Utility-Scale Power
Regional Govs Civil/Office
Seagrams Plant/Museum

Building Ontario one job at a time

Construction Manager:

Project Management Planning
Cost Management
Time Management
Quality Management
Safety Management
Contract Administration
Project Team
Team Structure
Roles and Responsibility
Project Controls
Disputes and claims
Value Engineering
and more…


Where do we build?

From Ottawa to Bobcaygeon, St Catharines to Fort Erie.Toronto to Hamilton to London.Welland to Elmvale, Waterford to Georgina to Oro to Owen Sound, Waterloo to Winchester and everywhere in between.



Utility-scale solar substation transformer, main circuit breaker, meter base and communication tower in background

Lifecycle of a construction project

The stages of a typical construction project are defined as Feasibility, Design, Construction, and Operation, each stage relating to the project life cycle.


The feasibility studies stage considers the options for satisfying a client’s needs, enabling a client to prepare a business case for the preferred option, and deciding whether to proceed with the project


The design of architectural, structural, and mechanical services and specifications describe the main components of the building and how they fit together. Once the design is agreed upon the costing is updated and the project is given to the owner for review and acceptance.



The construction phase sees the start and completion of the building asset. While monitoring the scope of the project, The Construction Manager will be overseeing the build as to the intent of the design. As the construction nears completion, the Construction Manager supervises building commissioning and closeout documents including shop drawings, as-builts, and a detailed list of inspections that have taken place, manuals, system tests.


The Building Operation phase begins with owner occupancy and the start of the warranty period. At this time the Construction Manager works with the Owner and sub-trades fine-tuning the completed works to the intent of the Engineer’s design.

Throughout the build, the Construction Manager handles public safety, time management, cost management, quality management, decision making, mathematics, working drawings, and human resources. Sharing responsibility with the construction management team resulting in a successful project.



Bob Seabrook on the history of the firm 

Since 1976 I’ve been committed to providing the finest in service and fairest in cost to clients. Today, repeat business results from decades of work focused on advocating the best value selection for clients. Our history defines who we are and what we do today.

Street lights at dusk over a Beam style bridge


Bob Seabrook on Site Safety

‘Safety is No Accident’

I believe that all incidents are preventable.

Therefore, workers must ensure workplace safety is a personal responsibility and obey the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the workplace safety policies of the Construction Manager as a condition of employment.

Furthermore, all unsafe conditions or acts in the workplace must be reported to Supervisory Personnel and Safety representatives. 

My goal is an incident-free workplace.

3D graphic image of the word safety
Cut and fill to a new building site, Bulldozer, Excavator, scraper, and 3 sheep's foot compactors


As a professional engineer working in the construction and masonry industry I
have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Bob Seabrook for over twenty years.
During the years of our acquaintance, I have had the opportunity to work with
Mr. Seabrook on several construction projects throughout southwestern
Bob directed these projects with professionalism and cooperation that always included a dedicated commitment to quality and detail without compromise. His approach is one of honesty as he strives for success on all of his construction projects.

Gary LeBlanc

P.Eng, GA Masonry


As the Director of Projects at Canadian Solar Solutions Inc.  Bob Seabrook was contracted with CSI from 2014 through to 2017 where he was assigned the role of Construction Manager on several utility scale renewable energy projects located throughout Ontario. 


Bob’s work was of very high quality.  His communication skills coupled with his ability to develop and maintain relationships internally and externally were a tremendous asset to the team at Canadian Solar.

Don Ling

P.Eng, Director of Projects, Canada Operations, Canadian Solar


I have known Bob Seabrook for over thirty years and have engaged Bob to execute numerous construction projects and have always been very satisfied with his performance in terms of cost, quality, and schedule adherence.

I strongly recommend Bob for any construction and construction management-related projects,
particularly in the food and beverage industry.
He is professional, diligent, and very much aware and focused on exceeding the clients’ needs and requirements.

Tito Guglielmi

P.Eng, Mallot Creek Group Inc.